Tecnogen supplies Led Lighting Towers with special equipments for the German Police.

With the aim to reply to the need of electric current and light during night shifts, German Police asked for a tender issued by German Ministry of Interior, in order to have a supply for lighting systems and power generators.

BGG Deutschland GmbH won the tender thanks to the conformity of TECNOGEN lighting towers to the tender’s specifications.
In fact, the company was able to provide an appropriate answer to the particular specifications the police, in partnership with THW ( Federal agency for technical support), declared as compulsory.

Lighting Towers are used during road and highway traffic control operations, during soccer matches and events, in case of accidents and emergency situations, when it is necessary both lighting and energy supply.

Lighting Towers are equipped with Led projectors. This choice granted a saving for Federal Police as well as a superior level in terms of safety during military operations. All thanks to the fact that Led projectors supply an instant light and do not need cooling times to switch off.