Bruno has a very solid experience in mining and experts in this field consider this brand a synonym of quality and reliability.

This reputation lays its foundations in the passion and constant innovation pursued in their Research and Development activities. We always welcome the opinions and experiences of professionals working in this field and make it a tool for improvement.

In mines and quarries around the world, more and more companies choose to entrust their work and the safety of their workers to Bruno generators.

The company, therefore, has decided to dedicate an in-depth brochure to this range of products, focusing on the qualities and peculiarities of the Bruno generating sets and lighting towers. The brochure illustrates the equipment that makes the generators suitable for heavy-duty use, without that external and environmental factors may prejudice their performance.

Finally, we would like to mention the inclusion of a small historical appendix: a fascinating digression to learn something more about the mining explorations in the ancient world.