The new hybrid light towers made by TecnoGen guarantee a lighting time of 11 hours of continuous light. The charging time is of just two hours and the 110-L tank ensures around 1900 hours of LED light with a single tank of diesel fuel.

The alternator generates direct current. A DC permanent magnet alternator (compared to a AC alternator) has the advantage of generating direct current without having to go through a rectifier, thus reducing efficiency losses. This type of alternator also has the advantage of not having bearings, which would wear out over time.

Furthermore, a direct current or low voltage system is safer for people when using it.

Specifically designed for the German police, these light towers are particularly compact and manageable. Their height during transportation, with mast lowered, is only 2.20 meters.

Because German police trucks are higher than a standard mean of transport, it was necessary to reduce the height of our lighting towers and make them even more compact. We also placed fork guides on all the four sides for the easiest forklift handling.

These towers also offer advantages in terms of transportability: it is possible to load up to 20 units on a single truck with a European-style platform of 13.6 meters.