Powerlite Portable Generator Option


A proven portable power distribution solution for safe temporary power for any event or project. This distribution board is capable of taking a 32A source and providing power to single phase outlets to many domestic or commercial appliances. We can fit any combination of 10A, 15A or 20A single phase outlet as desired so just give us a call.

We also can manufacture to your exact specification so feel free to contact us for assistance and a current quote.


  • Custom made weather-resistance distribution board.
  • Frame is designed for easy compact transport.
  • Distinct safety yellow power frame.
  • Lockable door handle to prevent unauthorised access.
  • Bottom entry for power leads.
  • Built with quality parts in our own factory in Australia.


Input plug: 32A 5 pin three phase plug
Plug length: 2M 5x6mm2 black Flex cable
Main isolation switch: 32A C curve Circuit breaker
Power out:
Circuit breaker: 6x 16A RCBO C curve
Socket outlet type: Single phase double GPO
Number of 15A outlet 12x15A single socket GPO
Number of 10A outlet Nil unless specified
Dimensions: 850mm (H) x 550mm (W) x 290 (D)
Weight: 18kg approx for standard fitting
Security Supplied with lock and key

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